Yana Galuz 
Senior Broker

(818) 222-5040

After a decade of selling, managing, and syndicating properties, Yana  Galuz has an in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate.

After graduating from college with a Degree in Architecture and Design, Yana worked for a high -end Model Home Firm in Newport Beach creating and designing comfortable, functioning and beautiful interiors. The goal was always to create living spaces that reflect individual needs while appealing to sense of style and comfort.  This love for the unique beauty and function of one’s home remains her passion to this day.

Shorty after, Yana founded Crescent Realty, a boutique real estate firm along with her partner.  Yana began buying, selling and managing income properties for her clients as well as participated in numerous syndication deals where personal capital was invested.  Crescent Realty’s goal is to create wealth for clients with value added properties, enabling existing owners to reach their property’s full potential in both passive income and the resale market.

Yana’s strong background and formal education in architecture and interior design provides her an opportunity to venture further in the Residential Real Estate market.  While purchasing outdated homes and fully restoring, renovating and bringing them to their full esthetically desirable potential, Yana has earned a name for herself in the residential market. Over the years she helped numerous clients to maximize their profit through buying and selling their personal residences.

“The greatest difference between selling a home and selling an income property is that you actually get to know your client’s taste, personal style, personality and passions beyond numbers and the bottom line”
Yana brings a unique feature to her clients, which combines the knowledge of design and function along with the economic upside potential and resale value of their home.  “After all, Real Estate, be it a personal residence or an income property, is an Investment”.